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  • Minneapolis, MN
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Position: Medical Professional


Degree: Associate degree or higher



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Medical Drape For Laser Surgery

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US Patent:
49985388, Mar 12, 1991
Aug 25, 1989
Appl. No.:
Deborah A. Charowsky - North Bend WA
Harry P. Charowsky - North Bend WA
International Classification:
A61B 1912
US Classification:
A disposable medical drape adapted for use in laser surgery is configured to form an enclosure, acting as an emission barrier, between the medical laser and the patient tissue to be removed so as to contain, within the enclosure, materials present in the laser plume. The drape includes a floor having an opening therein which defines the target area of patient tissue. The floor includes moisture-absorbent material which is premoistened to protect the patient from errant laser shots. The underside of the floor includes an adhesive material for fixing the floor of the drape directly to the skin of the patient. The drape includes flexible transparent walls which extend from the floor of the drape to the medical laser, the walls including stiffening rings to define an obstruction-free corridor for the laser beam. The walls of the drape are gathered around the barrel of the medical laser so as to prevent emissions at that juncture. The walls of the drape include suction ports adapted to be used with evacuation equipment for removing laser plume materials from the enclosure and creating a negative pressure therein.
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